Tax Advantages

Every ten years voters are asked to reauthorize an important economic development tool used by cities and counties across Florida. This tool allows the commission to temporarily reduce some county taxes for businesses that commit to creating new jobs with higher wages and make significant capital investments in Wakulla County. Please vote YES on Ordinance 22-08 Economic Development Ad Valorem Tax Exemption to ensure that Wakulla County can continue to compete for these jobs to be located in our community.

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Florida ranks among the best states for businesses and entrepreneurs because of its pro-business tax policies and competitive cost of doing business. Your business dollars go further, given the State's limited corporate taxes and no personal income tax.


  • Corporate income tax on limited partnerships or subchapter S-corporations.
  • Corporate franchise tax on capital stock
  • State property taxes.
  • Property tax on business inventories or on goods-in-transit for up to180 days.
  • Sales and use tax on goods manufactured or produced in Florida for export outside the state.
  • Personal income tax.


Sales and Use Tax Exemption on Electricity and Steam

Charges for electricity used directly and exclusively at a fixed location to operate machinery and equipment that is used to manufacture, process, compound, or produce items of tangible personal property for sale, or to operate pollution control equipment, recycling equipment, maintenance equipment, or monitoring or control equipment used in such operations, may be exempt from the sales tax. Details

Sales and Use Tax Exemption on Machinery and Equipment

Tax exemption award made to businesses to aid new and expanding businesses that use machinery and equipment at a particular location to manufacture, process, compound, or produce tangible personal property. The exemption also includes parts and accessories for the industrial machinery and equipment if they are purchased before the due date the machinery and equipment are placed in service. Details

Local Ad Valorem / Property Tax Exemption

The Ad Valorem Tax exemption may be granted at the discretion of Wakulla CountyCommissioners, based on the economic impact that the proposed new business will have on the community and region. The exemption may be granted for up to 100% of the assessed value of all improvements to real property or tangible personal property made by or for the use of a qualifying new business. Qualification is based on the number of new employees brought to the county and their wage in relation to the county average.


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